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A Hunt for a Lost Manuscript in Canterbury!

The story so far...

1564 was a very interesting year. Queen Elizabeth I (“Good Queen Bess”) was queen of Great Britain, and some important people were born: Galileo, the astronomer who discovered the moons of Jupiter, Thomas Shirley the politician who became a pirate, and William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, both famous playwrights, were all born in this year.

Marlowe, whose father was a Canterbury shoemaker, wrote some very successful plays which were performed in London. However, when he was 29, Christopher Marlowe was accused of being a spy. He got into a fight and was killed - a very sad end to a young talent. Or was it? After Marlowe’s death, Shakespeare, as we all know, became a very famous poet and author of many plays. However, some people believe that Shakespeare didn’t really write all his own work. They think that Christopher Marlowe was still alive and secretly writing plays for Shakespeare, having faked his own death and gone into hiding!

While investigating some very old records found in the library in Canterbury Cathedral, some historians have discovered some notes about an unpublished play by Marlowe. The funny thing is, the notes describe a play which is very, very similar to Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The notes contain clues to where the manuscript for the play itself is hidden, somewhere in the Cathedral buildings.

This is an activity for groups of up to 50, working in separate teams. Teams follow routes on a map to visit 20 marked clue locations. The puzzle is solved using the compass points North, East, South and West. 

Suitable for: ages 5 to 12 working closely with adults.

  • School Trips
  • Learning English
  • Children's party excursions

Location: Canterbury

Recommended start location : The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge.

Time required: Approx 2 hours.

Distance: Less than 2 miles in total.

How it works: This is an activity for groups up to 50, working in four or more separate teams.Teams depart in different directions, but everyone finishes at the same time. Teams are searching for the answers to clues and selecting the answer from illustrated options given. The second part of the puzzle requires attention to detail and the use of compass directions to work out the location of the missing treasure on a floor plan of Canterbury Cathedral.

Formats: This game is available as a schools pack for UK schooltrips or overseas visiting students. Foreign language versions have instructions and clues in native language and answers to select in simple English, so this is suitable for beginners learning English. Also available for Intermediate English students.

This is a ready-to-play packaged game so cannot be personalised.

Want us to run it for you? Hosting is not available but we offer a meet-and-greet service in native language (please add to cart separately).

Timescales and Booking: UK customers please allow 2 weeks minimum notice for self-run game packs. Overseas customers 8 weeks notice minimum preferred for bookings. We aim to despatch 6 weeks ahead of the trip to enable teachers to prepare vocabulary with students.

The Secret Script is suitable for school trips and students learning English as a Foreign Language

Core pack for schools

  • Clue booklet in English or native language

School packs are available in 10-team, 25-student or 50-student sizes. 25- and 50-Student packs include one copy of the main booklet PER STUDENT, together with one set of organiser's instructions and answers, plus a copy of the activity materials per accompanying adult. For 25- and 50-student packs, a 10-student extension pack is available (add to cart separately). We can supply a risk assessment to teachers in advance if required.

  • Teacher's packEnglish  French  German  Spanish
    • One copy of materials plus organiser instructions, score sheet, suggested follow-on activities, optional risk assessment (in English).
    • Other language variants are available to those shown, please enquire.
  • Language level: Basic or Intermediate A guide to English language levels used in Discovery Games
    • Foreign language variants have clues and instructions in native language. Answers are in English with illustrations for guidance.
  • Delivery (UK only): Choose from standard untracked delivery (free) or premium (tracked) delivery. Once payment is received, it is possible to send an electronic version of the games to the main contact to enable school groups to prepare for the activity.

A meet and greet service for schools is also available for £150 (in English) or £200 (other language). Please add this to the cart separately.

For 25- and 50-student packs, a 10-student extension pack is available at £100 (add to cart separately).


Timescales and Booking:

  • You will be asked to specify the date of your activity, if known, at checkout.
  • Please allow 2 weeks minimum notice for delivery of self-run game packs.
  • For hosted bookings, 4 to 6 weeks minimum are preferred. We will get in touch with you to make arrangements.
  • Hosted bookings are not binding until our booking contract has been exchanged.
  • It may be possible to supply packs at shorter notice, please contact us at to enquire.

Delivery overseas:

We regret we no longer deliver packs overseas. Delivery is to UK addresses only. For school groups, once payment for bookings have been received, we are able to send an electronic version of the game(s) to enable activity organisers to prepare staff and students in advance.

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