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Discovery Games are professionally developed educational games and adventure trails. They have been developed to help students improve their English language. All activities are created in collaboration with experienced, qualified teachers who also teach English as a foreign language (EFL),  so you can relax knowing that we have created safe, fun, educational activities specifically suitable for overseas students learning English.

Your students will have a lot of fun practising English as well as team work, geography, map reading, and history. General language lessons covered in the activities

  • Following instructions
  • Following directions
  • Prepositions of place (in, behind, under, next to etc.)
  • Adjectives
  • Introducing new vocabulary

As all the games are outdoors activities they also encourage healthy gentle exercise, without feeling like hard work!

Language difficulty

The games are divided into three levels of language difficulty

Elementary – suitable for student who only have a very basic English vocabulary and may only be able to understand short sentences. The English language used in the games is simplified and illustrated. A glossary is provided. The games use picture-based clues and numerical puzzles.

  • Main instructions are translated into native language, or translations are provided on the page.
  • The organisers’ instructions are also provided in native language.

Intermediate – suitable for students who understand a range of topics and sentence structures. Shorter and simpler sentences are used throughout the activity. Idioms, colloquial language, slang and other phrases may be included but are provided as ‘extra’ info rather than integral to solving the puzzle. All clues and directions are in clear, simplified English, and picture clues are used where possible. Supporting stories, local facts and other instructions may be given in native language or in simple English. A vocabulary section is provided for help with some unusual words and turns of phrase.

  • All health and safety instructions are given in native language.
  • Organisers’ instructions are given in native language.

Advanced - suitable for students who understand complex English language structures and nuances. These activities are written for an English speaking audience with little or no accommodation for foreign students. Obscure dialect is avoided, and grammar and spelling are correct, however activities and puzzles may include the use of linguistic devices such as metaphor, idiom, slang, codes and wordplay which may challenge those with extensive knowledge of the English language. All instructions are in English. Organisers’ instructions are provided in English.

How to buy

Buying is easy. Simply browse our website or download the brochure and then order online or by contacting us direct.

To order online
1) Find the game your students would enjoy most.
2) Click on Buy now button on the bottom of the page.
3) Select how many packs you need and click on Add to cart
4) Checkout
5) Receive your games in the post

We recommend you order at least two months before the date of the activity. We will usually despatch your packs six weeks before the booked date to give your teachers enough time to prepare the students for the activity.

If you prefer to contact us before you buy, please just email or call us. We will be happy to help you select the best game for your students.

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