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Street Child logoWe are proud to be sponsors of the UK charity Street Child and donate to their seasonal campaigns.

If you're seeking support for your charity or a fundraising event then there are ways we can help you out. Understandably, we cannot help everyone as we don't have the resources; however we do have some packages which might be of use.

 All prices below include VAT. 

Ideas for fundraising using our games

  • Entry per person - charge out participation at per-person prices - eg £10 per adult, £5 per child - rather than per team. Charge even more and offer t-shirts to wear for more awareness creation!
  • Per booklet markup - charge an elevated price per copy of the clue booklet sold
  • 'Money can't buy' prizes as 'treasure'. Can you secure some prizes at little or no cost which are things other people would kill (or more appropriately, raise bucketloads of cash) for?
  • Auction the booklets to the highest bidders to take part in the treasure hunt (helps if you have some very cool 'treasure' donated as prizes!). Only the highest bidders can compete!
  • Auction off hints, clues and bonus tasks. You can do this in the run-up to the event or on the day.
  • Set fundraising targets ahead of the event with bonuses attached - teams earn them in advance of the big day, eg extra points awarded for the clue hunt tasks, or with hints given to increase chances of winning. Or...
  • Release clues in line with fundraising targets reached - teams raising more funds in advance of the event have access to more clues to help solve the puzzle.
  • Fancy dress and dares - encourage participants to seek sponsorship for completing the treasure hunt in the most bizarre way - on roller skates, dressed as a baby or in a morph suit perhaps?
  • Task teams with fundraising en route - award prizes for money raised by silly auctions to the public or bucket collections during the game. Also great for generating awareness (but please note these rules about street collections!)

Our fundraising packages

1. We can personalise existing Treasure Trails booklets and supply them at discount to your organisation. Ideal for reselling to families or individuals or using as a 'sponsored clue hunt'.

Special Price - £30 for first 5 copies + £35 per each subsequent pack of 10 copies. Includes personalisation.

2. We can turn an existing Treasure Trail into a clue hunt game on a map for a one-off fundraising occasion and personalise it to your cause or event with branding, messaging etc.

Special price - £400 for up to 10 teams, £520 for up to 30 teams.

3. We can write a brand new treasure hunt trail or game for your neighbourhood for you to use for ongoing fundraising or to use as a multi-team game on a single occasion.

Special Price - £500 includes first 10 copies + £35 per each subsequent pack of 10 copies.

4. Custom games and campaigns for your charity. If you've got third-party sponsorship available, we can work with you to devise a unique treasure hunt game for your campaign or event. This may be themed and designed specifically to your organisational identity and we'll consult with you from scratch to ensure you are getting the game that will deliver you the fundraising objectives you seek. Prices for this kind of consultative exercise begin at £3000, but please get in touch to outline your plans and we'll come back to you with a better idea of costs.

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