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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I have to book a time for my activity?

Our activities are location-specific. When more than one large group arrives at the same time it can undermine the experience for everyone and creates congestion in public places. As a courtesy to all, we ask you to let us know roughly when your group will be arriving.


Why can't I book a closer date?

We have a leadtime for preparing your packs, and we like to allow 4-5 weeks prior to your booked date to send them to you so you can be properly prepared. For this reason we set the 'first available date' to 6-7 weeks away. If you need a pack sooner than that, please do get in touch so we can get something to you more promptly!


My activity date isn't for 3 months. Why hasn't my pack arrived?

Although we appreciate that you like to receive your materials well in advance, it's a balancing act to ensure your activity is as up-to-date as possible. Clues change, paths and access points can become obstructed by roadworks... and so on. So we generally send out packs to arrive no earlier than one month prior to the booked activity date.


I don't need a copy of the activity for every child.

Whereas some tour and treasure hunt providers only send out one copy of an activity per team, our standard pack includes a copy of the clue booklet for every person. This is because we believe it creates better value, and that each student should have a personal record of the activity. If your party only requires one booklet per team (1 team=5-6 students) we are happy to work that way and will provide you a £25 discount against your order. Contact us for details.


Do you provide the answers to the puzzles?

Yes, the organiser's pack will include answers, suggestions for marking and scoresheets for working out winning teams.


Can we have a map of the route in advance?

Yes, if you contact us after booking we are happy to send out a location map to help you prepare for the trip.


I'm not sure if the language level will be right for my group.

Please get in touch. We have given an indication of the EFL level for each activity, but we can send over a sample of the activity in advance for you to look at and we can provide a vocabulary sheet too.


I'm working for a travel agency, do you offer trade discounts?

Yes, please contact us to discuss.


My client is seeking a treasure hunt in a location you don't list

Please get in touch or use our Suggestion Box.


Do you have a different question? Please use our contact form to get in touch!

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