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The Elixir Challenge Cup 2018

An inter-College game in 10 stages for Bristol Medical School

Which college will be first to track down the mysterious Bristol Elixir and win the grand prize?

Rumours of a ground-breaking discovery, a health-giving Elixir with almost magical qualities, have reached the University of Bristol's Faculty of Medicine. Where this information came from and what it all means remain somewhat of a mystery. Fragments of information are being released week by week - and we're relying on YOU to put it all together.

Find out the weekly challenges and other important information on our special newsfeed. We'll also share this on the Challenge Facebook Page.

Can you and your team unscramble the mystery in a series of weekly game-based challenges based in Bristol and beyond?

Each week's round is based upon a game, puzzle or clue hunt. Teams will require intelligence, cooperation, communication and teamwork to have any chance of finding the Elixir and securing the prize for their College - an occasion to remember in May 2018 for one College alone, the winners of the Elixir Challenge Cup!  

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General rules

  1. Each College is represented by a single nominal Challenge Cup Squad named after the College, eg Montpelier Squad, St George Squad.
  2. Each College Squad may enter up to five separate teams into the Challenge Cup to maximise their chance of winning the overall prize, however each team must consist of a minimum core of three members; at least one member from each of years 1 and 2 and one from years 3 to 5. Therefore each team must have two representatives based at the main University of Bristol faculty (Years 1 & 2), and at least one from the outlying Academy associated with the College (Years 3 to 5).
  3. Team registration is on a first come, first served basis. Once five teams are registered for each College new registrants will be advised to join forces with one of the teams already registered. A team member may only belong to one team.
  4. Team members must disclose their email address and student ID at time of team registration and in some cases at the point of answer submission for each week's challenge. Email addresses given for the purpose of participation in the game will ONLY be used for the purpose of in-game administration and communication with teams and will not be shared with any third party. We may need to disclose your email address to other players to put you in touch.
  5. Eligibility: everyone who is a current student of Bristol Medical School and a member of a College may participate. There is no limit to the number of team members on the register.
  6. Core team members are responsible for communicating within their teams and ensuring inclusion for all team members.
  7. Squads and teams are fluid. Teams may be expanded and merged according to the challenge of the week. Some challenges will only permit one team per College to take part, and this may be one of the original five teams or a specially-constructed merged team by agreement amongst yourselves. Remember, ultimately you are all in the same College Squad!
  8. Unless specified for a particular week's game there is no limit to the number of players per team and in some cases individuals may participate alone on behalf of their Squad. Teams may split into sub-teams if it provides tactical advantage.
  9. Where specific challenges require only a limited number of players, teams are expected to manage this fairly and representatively amongst their team members to decide who will represent the College.
  10. Registration for teams and individuals begins immediately and will continue until 19th April 2018.
  11. The competition will begin at midday on Friday 26th January 2018 and will terminate in a grand finale challenge game on Friday 27th April 2018.
  12. There will be a different challenge to complete every week and this will be announced each Friday at midday on this website and published to the Elixir Challenge Facebook Page.
  13. Particular game rules and instructions may vary week to week depending on the nature of that week's challenge.
  14. The number of teams which may participate on behalf of a squad will vary from week to week.
  15. Some games may require teams to download specific (free) apps to a mobile phone.
  16. Some games may be completed over the course of the week or weekend. Other games will require simultaneous play and will occur on specific days within a set period.
  17. No dangerous or harmful challenges will be set. Games do not require participants to engage in any dangerous activity. Players participate at their own risk and Discovery Games Ltd accepts no responsibility however caused for injury to life or limb sustained during the Challenge.
  18. The administrator of the Elixir Challenge Cup is Discovery Games Ltd and rulings and decisions made by Discovery Games Ltd are final and may not be contested.
  19. Questions should be addressed to Kathy Brown at Discovery Games UK via the Facebook Page.

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