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Elixir Challenge #2 - A Game of Anagrams and Acronyms

Posted on February 02 2018

WORDS play a significant role in the Elixir Challenge. To prove themselves worthy of finding the Elixir and winning the prize, students must show a mastery of word skills. Challenge Number 2 is all about hidden words. The words are hidden near to the University in the Royal Fort Gardens and in the vicinity of each of the Academies.

Teams should visit the locations marked on the map or given in the hints and complete as many of the answers as possible to the missing letter and scrambled word hints. There are 40 answers to find in Royal Fort Gardens and 8 at the Academy sites. You do not have to travel to all the Academy sites! Use your heads and work with team mates!

Any number of participants can have a go at this. However, only the first five answer sheets will be accepted for each College, so make them count.

The deadline is 19th April 2018.


Good luck Teams!

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