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Elixir Challenge Update - "The Glitch in the Matrix"

Posted on November 29 2017

There's been a glitch in the matrix, Elixir-Seekers! News just in from the Time-travelling Doctor is that the space-time coordinates of the Elixir (originally estimated as 15th December) were wrongly calculated. The final challenge between Colleges to find the Elixir will now take place in 2018 (date TBD).

In order to prepare yourselves for glory, we suggest you go back over some of the previous challenges to practise valuable techniques and visit interesting places. Elixir Challenges 2 to 6 are freely available to download and complete (see below). For the Challenge #1 Trail you will need to register and supply an email address. Points will STILL be awarded to the Colleges of any teams successfully completing any Challenge. As a reminder, there was:

A Game of Anagrams and Acronyms in Royal Fort Gardens

An introduction to What3Words mapping

A life-saving photo scavenge

A photo-matching 'X-marks-the-spot' challenge

A pair of coded messages to unscramble

You have until further notice to complete as many as possible of these challenges.

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