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Registration is live for the Elixir Challenge 2018

Posted on January 22 2018

Roll up, roll up for your chance to win the prestigious grand prize this Spring for YOUR College! You have until 19th April 2018 to claim one of FIVE teams allocated to your College at Bristol Medical School. The sooner you register, the better, as there are a series of games, challenges and puzzles along the way to help you to practise the necessary skills. Each challenge successfully completed can earn points for your College to give them ADVANTAGE in the final game. Full rules are HERE

In order to register a team you'll need:

  • to visit the registration page
  • 3 core team members - 1 from Year 1, 1 from Year 2 and 1 from years 3, 4 or 5. This ensures your team includes a good mix of players and experience levels at Bristol Uni. Some challenges will require insider knowledge of or presence at one of the eight Academy sites away from the main Bristol Faculty. So you'll need to find ways to communicate and stay in touch!
  • Each core team member's email address and student ID
  • A memorable Team Name!

Each time one of the five teams is claimed on the registration site, it will disappear from the choices. So if you go to register a team from Montpelier College and don't see Montpelier on the list, it means five teams have already registered.

Anyone can join a team!

If you are too late to register a team, or just want to register as an individual, then you should 'join a team'. You can either request to join a specific team already known to you, or you can ask to be added to a random team for your College. There is no limit to the number of people who can join a team and everyone from a College is eligible.

If you've got a question, please ask on the Facebook page. We'll be building an FAQ as we go to help you out with the most commonly asked questions.

Good luck teams, and may the gamest College win!

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