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Elixir Challenge #4 - Life-Saving Scavenge

Posted on February 16 2018

No-one knows for sure what the powers of the Elixir are, or its exact function or formula. But one thing is for sure, its purpose IS to save or prolong life.

There are lots of other things which could save a life, and we need you, Challenge Cup teams, to round some of them up. This week's challenge is about locating and recording in photographs each of the objects, people, concepts or places listed below.



  • A Team Secret ID will be required to submit your photographs. If you do not yet have one or are not part of a College team you must register here.
  • At least one team member must feature in each photograph, unless more are specified
  • Items scavenged may be located anywhere at all unless otherwise specified
  • Creative interpretation may be applied
  • Photographs must be original work, ie photoshopped or edited images from Google will not be accepted
  • Teams score one point for each item found, photographed and submitted in line with these rules
  • Photographs may be submitted as and when they are taken, one at a time
  • Photographs must be submitted via the entry form at with all fields completed so we can identify who they are from and which team is represented
  • Photographs may be submitted at any time between midday on Friday 16th February and midnight on Thursday April 19th 2018
  • Only the first five teams per College to submit entries will count; therefore it makes sense to get your first team photograph submitted via the entry form as soon as possible. A Secret ID will be required - see above.
  • By submitting your photographs you give permission for them to be published on the Discovery Games website or the Facebook page for the Elixir Challenge Cup together with your Team and College name.


Find (and photograph team mates with) as many as possible of the following:

1) An AED (Defibrillation device) that is NOT sited at a hospital or university building
2) A pharmacy that is not part of a hospital and which is open at 10pm (photo taken after 10pm as proof)
3) A swimming-pool lifeguard at work
4) The letters 'SOS' spelled out using (minimum 6) people's bodies and viewed from above
5) 3 team members wearing cycle helmets
6) The inside of an ambulance
7) A team member inside a red phone box, with a cartoon speech bubble caption
8) A flotation device (life buoy) - the actual doughnut, not just a case
9) An epi-pen
10) A superhero holding a bottle of disinfectant
11) The Heimlich manoeuvre
12) 'Annie' the CPR dummy, being rescued
13) A large dog with a barrel of alcohol around its neck
14) An RNLI lifeboat
15) A wizard casting a 'Protego' spell outside an Academy Hospital
16) The First Aid Room at the M-Shed
17) A fire engine
18) A parachute in action
19) A brain surgeon
20) A good Samaritan in action
Good luck Scavengers!

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