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Elixir Challenge #3 -Two Doctors and a Queen

Posted on February 09 2018

This week's challenge is short, but in a few parts. The first thing to do is familiarise yourselves with a mapping tool called What 3 Words ( W3W is available to use for free, online or via mobile. You may wish to download the free app for this challenge.


The function of W3W is to map the entire earth's surface in 3m x 3m grid squares, each of which has a unique three word reference. For example,

Cabot Tower in Bristol is centred on tones.face.manual and this can be accessed directly using the url

Try it out! What can be found at game.wheels.alarm?

Try finding the three-word reference for the exact point of the entrance/exit to Bristol Temple Meads Station. You should find it could be described as 'an expression similar to a hilarious one like it'.

The next two questions involve Doctors from Bristol and can be solved by visiting Bristol locations and online research.


Question 1

Visit upon.boring.rescue and find a doctor here.

This doctor studied at Geneva. The Dean of this College in 1842 has the same name as a British entrepreneur buried in Whittington, Staffordshire.

True or False?


Question 2

Find out the location in Bristol of a plaque commemorating a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons known better for his sporting career. He once took the pulse of George Summers, who died four days later having been struck on the head by a ball.

The W3W reference for this EXACT location has the initials R___.T____.P___

True or False?


Question 3

What is found at dared.just.artist? The answer must be given in the words of Queen Elizabeth I.


To enter, email your kathy.brown at with your answer to all 3 questions, giving your

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Team Secret ID (if known)
  • College
  • Year of study
You have until Thursday, April 19th at midnight to submit your answers. Work with others or work alone. The first five answers submitted for each College will score points towards the Elixir Challenge Cup and the Grand Prize!

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