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Elixir Challenge #5 - X Marks the Spot

Posted on February 23 2018

Hunters of the Elixir need great treasure-seeking skills. The best! This week's challenge is a traditional picture-matching clue hunt. You have 34 snapshots taken around Bristol to match with locations marked on a map. There are 38 locations on the map. That means when you are done there will be 4 remaining map markers. Join these up with straight lines and it makes an 'X' on the map. Go to the spot where the X is centred, with your team, and get a picture of yourselves there - a minimum of three people in the shot - celebrating your detective ability!

Each team who emails in (use this address) a photo of themselves in the correct location scores 25 points for their College. Bonus points will be awarded for up to five photographs taken in 'red herring' locations around Bristol or Academy sites and posted on to the Elixir Challenge Facebook page with the cheeky caption 'We found X'.

Deadline for this challenge is April 19th at midnight.

Have X-cellent adventures, Elixir Seekers!

Click on the images below to open a pdf for the 34 images and the full map for the Challenge.


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